In addition to complete layout inspection, we do in-process periodical inspections for critical characteristics of the product. This necessitates most consistent and accurate measurement techniques. To support our inspection capability per quality plan we have Precision measuring instruments that includes,

  • Profile Projector
  • Digital Calipers : 0mm to 1000 mm
  • Digital Micrometers : 0mm to 150mm
  • Slip Gauges
  • Dial Height Gauge
  • Filler Gauges
  • Pin Gauge
  • Bore gauges : 6mm to 150mm
  • Radius Gauges, Metric & Imperial
  • Thread Gauge, Metric & Imperial
  • Dial Indicator Gauges
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Combination Set and all other related auxiliaries
  • Profile Projector
  • Non contact coordinate measurement contract
  • Compound gauges and fixtures for assembly testing

Quality records:

Few of the important quality records that we maintain are,

  • In coming material test results
  • In process inspection results
  • Pre shipment inspection results
  • Tool history records
  • COAs