CNC Turning

We standardise on the Haas CNC turning centres for ease of increasing productivity and maintenance. Our set up is suited to both development work as well as high volume CNC turning of medium sized components in all materials including plastics.As a solution provider for CNC turning and machining, our goal is to develop long term relationships. To achieve this goal we work on to make satisfaction and quality our primary concern for every project.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfect and competitively priced CNC turning regardless of the production requirements, and we promise that every customer will receive the same quality and service that our existing customers have come to depend and rely on.

CNC Turning at Shefield features turning capabilities up to a 10” diameter capacity. Some of our lathes have stock acceptance up to 12”x40” for high production jobs.

Having provided precision CNC turning for customers ranging from the electrical industry to the defence and aerospace industries, every customer can expect tight tolerances, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing.

At Shefield we enjoy a challenge. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of providing the CNC turning and machining for some of the most complex and challenging projects.

In addition, we also offers pre-production engineering, design services, and complete manufacturing to help improve the quality of every CNC turning project. Secondary operational services that we provide include Heat treatment, Plating, anodizing, assembly, grinding, Honing, painting, powder coating, and welding.