CNC Milling

We provide CNC Milling services with a level of quality and precision that will make Shefield not simply a onetime supplier of CNC machining, but a trusted source for years to come. Our set up is suited to both development work as well as high volume CNC Milling of medium sized components in all materials including plastics.

Our 4 axis vertical CNC Milling center, offer the ability to machine complex surfaces and areas otherwise unreachable on 3 axis machines including pockets and holes to be cut around a cylindrical part as well as machining conventional components on 4 faces in one operation. 4 axes CNC machining of conventional components can also result in higher productivity for large batches. Dedicated tool makers and programmers are available round the clock.

In addition, we also offers pre-production engineering, design services, and complete manufacturing to help improve the quality of every CNC milling project. Secondary operational services that we provide include Heat treatment, Plating, anodizing, assembly, grinding, Honing, painting, powder coating, and welding.

Through aggressively recruiting new talent and constantly honing the skills of our existing team, the combination of fresh knowledge and industry experience at Shefield allows us to provide the very best CNC milling, and more. This approach to CNC milling has awarded us a position as preferred supplier.