Innovative Solution

Innovation is essence of our endeavour to excel. We intend to be a preferred supplier by excelling in our core competencies by applying fundamentals of,Innovative and cost effective Product design and development to,

  • Reduce number of parts in design
  • Avoid unnecessarily tight tolerances
  • Design for parts orientation, handling and ease of assembly
  • Design modular products to facilitate assembly

Productive and reliable Tooling with minimum maintenance requirement to have,

  • uninterrupted manufacturing
  • Longer tool life for high return on investment
  • Consist product quality

Optimum material substitution:

The selection of the right material can influence manufacturing on many levels. The choice of the right material for a component can be critical to the success of the product. Perhaps the most obvious considerations are manufacturing costs and performance of the end product.

It is a question of understanding the characteristics of the metal. Thorough understandings of various properties of material are very essential factor to achieve the intended cost.

Metal components usually need to meet requirements that include and not limited to minimum values for toughness, deflection under stress, corrosion resistance, durability etc. In assemblies, these requirements may include coefficient of friction; wear resistance.

A balance needs to be sought between costs, manufacturing feasibility and finding the right material for the job. Here expertise on Metal material comes in picture.

We emphasize on personal commitment by active involvement of employees and customers which is the source of our innovation.