Product Design & Development

Design for cost reduction, design for manufacturability, design for performance.”

One of our strength is to take an idea through concept to engineering drawing, prototypes, validation, process design and manufacture of final components and assemblies.

Our project team manages project from Design through Product Validation. Innovation is a significant by-product of our expert development. We brings a wealth of design assistance combined with a disciplined metal machining process that can turn a brilliant product idea into a commercial success.

  • Our team ‘Knows’ Metals, and knowing Metals In-n-Out is a foundation for robust process designing of metal component.
  • Stringent monitoring and control of the design and manufacturing process for outsourced activities.

Engineering Services that we offer are,

  • Prototype Product
  • Product Design Assistance
  • Material Selection Assistance
  • Reliability & risk Analysis
  • Machining Process Design
  • Gauge Design & Development
  • Hydro Testing

Sometimes you do not have or have old hard copy drawing of the components. Our technical expertise comes to your rescue for reverse engineering of the product and creates latest CAD drawing.

Using either our internal resources or long-term strategic relationships we can offer complete product design and services using professional CAD platform.

Early stage involvement

Early involvement of our team helps ensure optimized design for manufacturability. The earlier you include our team in the development of your metal product, the more sure you are of the product’s eventual success in the market. Errors which pass through the design phase are ten times as costly as those in the manufacturing phase.

Working closely with customers from concept design phase, we have been able to help optimize the design to achieve,

  • Cost reduction,
  • Design for manufacturability,
  • Ease of Assembly,
  • Improved Performance,
  • Intended product functionality
  • Increase Aesthetics,
  • Intended product life.