We are precision metal machining company with a proactive, can-do approach, where quality is a way of life, innovation is an on-going reality, and “getting the job done right the first time” is a priority.

Our modern machining shop, equipped with latest CNC and conventional machines help us to cater requirement of highly precision metal components and assemblies in time and cost effectively.

A team of Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers, Tooling Engineers, and Project Engineers, with hands on experience in Precision metal components manufacturing takes care of every need of customers at high precision.

A complete package of experience and enthusiasm, well supported by our state of the art CNC machining facility provides ability to produce most consistent products. An expertise in maintaining machine increases plant uptime which enable us delivery of product right in time.

Our process and quality control systems provide a consistent flow of good parts, eliminating the cost of scrap and rework. Value-added processes, such as assembly, provide an efficient single-source supplier.

As we are equipped with expert back-up services, we do undertake machining / fabricating / forming of ferrous, non-ferrous metals. Our services also include heat treatment, stress relieving, hardening, surface coating etc.

We undertake turnkey engineering jobs/project from design to commissioning stage, over and above designing/developing, manufacturing individual parts/ assemblies for any engineering application.

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