Though we have team of creative and willing engineers, we could not have delivered quality components in time to our valued customers without a well planned and structured backbone of our facility.


40,000 square feet strategically located in business province of western India. This rapidly growing district is well connected to high ways and ports.

Plant and building:

Well planned injection molding facility built to provide,

  • Resistance to earth quake up to Richter Scale 5.7 Complying IS:1893
  • Compliance with safety norms,
  • Optimum material movement,
  • Designated area for NC controls,
  • Optimum dust control,
  • Comfortable air circulation,
  • Maximum Daylight usage,


State of art Injection molding machines ranging from 60 ton to 275 ton with,

  • Digital hydraulics for high level of repeatability and consistency
  • Close-loop control ensures cycle consistency
  • Product discriminator prevents delivery of bad product
  • Built-in SPC software facilitate real time process monitoring
  • Parallel ejection help reduced cycle
  • Multi stage core pull facilitate handling of complex part more efficiently
  • Inbuilt hot runner ensures consistent temperature profile run-to-run
  • Bi-metallic screw and barrel ensures consistent product quality over period of time
  • Optimised spares management program minimises down time
  • Local service network on toes to provide solution required if in case.


Reliable auxiliaries supports full functional delivery of consist process and product quality.

This includes but not limited to,

  • Material handling equipments, to prevent contamination
  • Material pre-driers, for hydroscopic resins
  • -Ve pressure mold temperature controllers, to increase uptime
  • Portable chillers, to ensure minimum cycle
  • Low speed grinders, to ensure dust free recycling
  • Mold change equipment set up, for quick mould changes
  • Material movement equipments, to ensure quick transport


A complete line of secondary and contract manufacturing capabilities adds value and provides high precision assemblies with the help of,

  • Ultrasonic Welding, Pad Printing , Laser Marking , Hot Stamping , Screen Printing , Solvent Bonding, Heat Stacking , Gamma Sterilization contracts , Blister Packaging
  • Static Elimination, Product Testing contracts

Inspection Facility

A range of sophisticated measuring and testing equipment facilitate easy and accurate evaluation of the product produced. This includes but not limited to,

  • Profile projector, Callipers, Micrometers, Slip gauge, Bore gauge, Height Master, Pin gauges, Thread and Radius gauges, Filler gauges, Dial indicators, CMM contract, 3D digitising contract.

Human Capital:

Our biggest asset is our people who drive the organization to achieve greater heights in customer satisfaction. We are proud to have a dedicated and competent team who believes in continual improvement to offer you services of international standards. This team consists of Plastics Engineer, Process Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Cost analyst, Quality Engineers and many more.