Tooling services

Tool Development Program:

Tooling is one of the essentials to a successful molding.

Shefield’s understanding of complex injection molds with intricate mechanism, hot runners, split molds with hydro-mechanical core pulls, is a great strength to achieve defect free consistent products. An extensive mold care program leads to an enhanced tool life keeping output quality at optimum level. Team at Shefield has hands on experience to handle complex molds made all over world from Germany, Italy, Australia to Taiwan, Korea and China.

A tool development engineer serves as a critical part of the cross-functional project management team and stays with the project from the beginning of the program until the tool goes into production – ensuring consistency throughout the product in order to find the best approach to meet timing and budget requirements. We control tooling program with our competency of,

  • Complete in-house plastic injection mold design capability.
  • Stringent monitoring and control of the tool design and manufacturing process for tools being made out of country. We hold control over tooling program through our project management system.
  • Mold certification programs, including statistical validation.
  • Mold flow analysis.
  • Evaluation and action plans.

Our focus is injection molding, so we understand the importance of having tooling that is process-capable from the beginning.

We understand that highly featured, tight tolerance parts, with aggressive lead times, require top quality tooling—from the first production run through the life of product. Our technical staff with expertise in molding, tooling, product development, and materials enhances success of tooling program with valuable inputs at design stage.

We offer flexible options of outsourcing tools through our partnerships with quality tool shops both in the country and offshore. We have a tie up with few far eastern tool makers who are leaders in their field. We also work well with customer preferred tool builders.

Our valued tooling partners have been building the most complex, precision molds since last 35 years. Speed and accuracy are driven by machining center robotics, the latest in CAD and CAM technologies and highly skilled aggressive toolmakers.

The range of tooling we offer includes,

  • Proto Molds
  • Single and Multi cavity production Molds
    • Expandable and Interchangeable Molds
    • Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Molds
    • Hot Runner System Molds
    • Conventional and Insulated Runner Molds
    • Shuttle and Insert Molds
    • Cartridge Molds
    • Unscrewing Molds
    • Mechanical and Hydraulic Core pull Molds
    • Over molding Molds

    Using different material like but not limited to,

    • Aluminum (proto molds)
    • Variety of Soft Steel and Pre-Hard Steel Materials
    • Variety of Hardened Tool Steel Materials
    • Beryllium Inserts

    Including finishing operations like,

    • Specialized Tool Coatings
    • Surface texturing
    • Mirror like Polishing

    We insist involving us from beginning of product design to determine the manufacturability of a design. Our plastics and tooling experts can also help establish performance criteria for the finished components. Upfront involvement in the injection mold design and analysis process helps to ensure product quality. We can generate detailed tooling designs, part prints and specifications from prototype, or 2D/3D CAD files. At the core, we believe tool as the centerpiece for the entire injection molding process. That is why we take great pains to protect tools and strive to enhance return on investments.

    Our comprehensive tool management program leads to an enhanced tool life keeping output quality at optimum level. To upkeep tool performance level we have backing of,

    • Conventional and CNC machining facility
    • CNC Wire and sinker EDM machining facility
    • Jig boring and Grinding facility
    • ELB Surface Grinding facility
    • Complete capability to manufacture mold components, fixtures and inspection gauges.
    • Skilled tooling workmen for maintaining aesthetics of the product.

    General Tooling Development structure is,

    • Evaluating tooling requirements
    • Specifying mold
    • Mold design
    • Design verification and approval
    • Tool building
    • Evaluating trial samples
    • Specifying improvements
    • Tool trial and validation
    • Freezing process parameters
    • Transferring data to APQP documents

    Tool Transfer Programs:

    We have been involved with many major mold moves, from a group of tools to entire companies, and we treat that experience as dividends. One of the most active periods of mold moves in the history of our industry is during economic downturn. When we receive molds, we get them through our Tool Room with our complete Inward Tool Quality Checklist. Refer our project management section for more details. We depute representatives from throughout the plant on transition project to get optimum results. We understand that transfer projects are mission–critical to maintain supply channel feeding.

    In most of the case the time has already gone out of hand and pressure of quality / delivery is paramount for the customer. We have skilled tradesmen and engineering capability that can provide solutions through our systematic and scientific approach.

    Our team is more than excited to take challenge and solve problem to gain customer delight.