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Corporate Goal

To provide one stop solution for Precision Plastics Components, Assemblies and Metal Machining.”

Shefield’s strategy is focused on creating value in our business relationships. We aim long-term growth by being the supplier of choice for progressive industries in the Electronics, Healthcare, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Irrigation, Appliances and Packaging markets.

We intend to be a preferred supplier by excelling in our core competencies including:

  • Innovative and cost effective Product design and development.
  • High precision and reliable Tooling for profit.
  • Optimum material selection.
  • Process driven Lean Manufacturing of Precision Components & Assemblies.
  • Comply with global quality and regulatory requirements.
  • Emphasize on personal commitment by active involvement of employees and customers.
  • Handle Turn-key projects with best in field project management competency

“Shefield Technoplast Private Limited deals Precision Plastics Components, Precision Machined Components and Industrial Plastics Components with utmost professionalism and serve as one stop solution for Custom Injection Molded Parts and assemblies from a facility in Vadodara, Gujarat, India…”

Business Associates
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